Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Kiss...

17 september, 21:22

The mist whispered "I saw you kiss the Earth as you woke one night"

"Just one night?" came the dreamy reply

22 september, 05:36

The mist caressed her face. 

"Will you do it again?"

She sunk deeper into in his arms. 

"Of course."

22 september, 05:45

She sunk down and kissed his face.

"I'll do it again"

And she lowered herself to sleep.

The mist whispered

"Of course"

   17 september, 19:12

 17 september, 20:51

17 september, 21:28

20 september, 21:26
  15 september, 19:08

  15 september, 21:10

 12 september, 20:07

 12 september, 20:14

 14 september, 20:19

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Her Smile...

 4 sept, 09:03

it seems her smile is fading...
not true
it seems her smile diminishes...
not true

6 sept, 05:30

look at the beauty of her tender smile
the twinkle in her eye
as she throws a backward glance...

9 sept, 18:57, new moon

she's there...
 out there.

turning her dazzling smile  
to the one 
who gives her light...

smiling her thanks
to the one
who brings us warmth...

returning her love
to the one
at the centre of our universe...

she turns 
the fullness of her smile
back to honour the sun

Monday, 6 September 2010

31st august, 22:10

I just love the low, golden moons at this time of year...


I have had an energy filled time of late...
and then i read that mars triggered the eclipse point!
curious.... look here at astrology of light

of course, this post is a little late...
but...hey, hindsight is wonderful!


 29th august, 21:41

golden... she rises
and smiles briefly...


 wreathed in cloud,
ethereal beauty...

i catch her golden glance
and return her smile...

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

 27th august, 22:00

Tonight I Am The Goddess...

tonight I am the goddess
tonight I dance with god
together we are energy
together we are whole
we spiral with an energy 
merging into one

25th august, 21:48

we kick up clouds of stardust
and blow it down to earth
the earth-child she just smiles at us 
as we conceive our birth
we are the spiral energy
we are the precious one


we twirl amongst the star-light
and skim planets into space
the moon glows with a tenderness
as we bear our newborn race
we are the spiral energy
we are the precious one


we spin between the galaxies
and kiss each glowing sun
we breathe life into each one of us
we crumble into dust
we are the spiral energy
we are the precious one


we tumble in the atmosphere
we are the cosmic dust
we are everything and nothing
we are all and we are one
we are the precious energy
together we are whole


tonight we are the goddess
tonight we are the god
we’re in this dance together
in the rhythm of this place
we dance the spiral energy
and hold each others hand