Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I have Annie to thank for these words.... enjoy!!

10th july 2011, 23:46

Does a wolf recall the date of it's birth? Is there memory, or perhaps a scent it once new from being within a mother, that it hunts infinitely? The Moon recalls. The in tune with the waxing and waning of it's own come and go, keeps track of all it surveys, having shone so often on birth and death.There is a record, etched with a fossilized stylus in craters and stones, and the record is grand.

The memory of the Moon is long, and kind, forgiving, and complicit in the earth's forgetting the pain of birth, so that yearly, it yearns again for Spring. And so the Moon holds our unbalanced history...a rose colored collection of our beauty, the moments we got it right, the days we gave in equal measure to our gain, and our effort...the intent of our effort especially cradled with a tender glow.

 11th july, 00:02
The rest, the sometimes painful, scared, humbled rest, is cast like fast balls within strike zone of the sun and returned via "SMACK" on the sweet spot. The cover flies back to incineration while the core sails across the sky. And there, caught readily in the glove of the Moon, is our essence...the scent we once knew from being within a mother. Safe. Warm. Nurtured. Loved.

  14th july,22:08
It is no wonder a wolf howls at the Moon! The Moon is kind, and it's memory is very long.

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Monday, 25 July 2011


 6th july 2011, 22:08

sometimes, no matter how i try
i cannot get the moon in sharp focus.
or at least it seems that way...
until i realise there are so many layers of cloud
so delicate that they are almost unseen
creating a slightly different picture
from what i think should be there

6th july 2011, 22:09

sometimes i have to realise
that this is the best that i can do, for now.
that there are other things going on
that i can barely perceive.
that it isn't always possible to be at my sharpest
and sometimes being a little out of focus
is actually the only way to be
for a while....

 8th july 2011, 21:59

because as surely as the moon 
waxes and wanes to her own natural rhythm
i snap back into focus

 8th july 2011, 22:02

and then it matters not
what winds are blowing around me
i can hold my own
and appreciate the patterns
that are weaving in my world

 8th july 2011, 22:04

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Birth of Colours

Here's a tale spun by the Ed Pillola that I couldn't resist sharing here. Ed's colour stories are growing, so do pop over to see him & explore... read his poetry, buy his books (he deserves a plug!)... his writing hits my heart every time!

I've hit the archives to try & find photos that do justice... but i can think of so many ways to do this & got a bit be-fuddled so other versions may follow in other places!

The color blue was created the very first night on earth. The full moon disappeared over the horizon before explaining to Mother Nature that he would reappear soon enough. All Mother Nature had to do was shift to the other side of her garden to see the moon in the sky, but she believed then as she believes now that the best way to find a lost stray friend is to stay put. And so she stayed put, watching the sky.

When the moon reappeared the next night, slightly less full, Mother Nature was so excited. She figured the moon lost a sliver of itself escaping death in order to find her again, and she blushed for the first time. The color pink was born.

All night, the moon and Mother Nature were together. Mother Nature was so happy to wake in the morning with the moon still in her arms and the sun shining on her face. The color yellow was born.

The moon might have noticed he was causing serious emotions in Mother Nature. But he did not notice, or pretended not to. He went on swinging across the sky, singing love lullabies, shining bright as can be.

In fact, the moon was so caught up in his own preening that he forgot to tell Mother Nature that for one night that very first month he would disappear altogether. And so Mother Nature waited and waited, and she even shifted to the other side of her garden, but the moon wasn’t in the sky there either.

Just as she was becoming so upset that the moon had left without saying goodbye, a sliver of moon appeared over the horizon. In that moment, her anger melted (mostly) into passion, and the color red was created.

Believe it or not, Mother Nature had had enough of the drama between herself and the moon. Sure, the colors were beautiful, but they needed to come more easily. Mother Nature stretched out her arms and wrapped them around her garden.

Inside herself, Mother Nature discovered her very own color when she loves herself and is at peace with herself. Green was born.

The moon now saw that Mother Nature could be happy all by herself, and this stirred a jealously inside that the moon didn’t quite like. The moon wanted to be happy for Mother Nature’s joy. And since every true thought is rewarded, the moon was indeed happy for Mother Nature in that moment.

The color white was born.

The moon understood that he had a special relationship with Mother Nature, and this excited him. But it also frightened him.

The void of black was created.

Mother Nature stayed put and kept herself occupied while the moon groped through the blackness. And when the moon emerged from his darkness and shone his new light on Mother Nature’s shifting season, perfect with every shade of green in that very moment of transition, all the rest of the colors were born.

Thank you to Ed for letting me use your words x
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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Little Photo Blocks

i have been playing...

 ... mounting photographs onto wooden box-frames,
coating them with satin varnish,
and deciding which arrangement shows them off best...
and then, much debate with myself about price 
and how best to describe them

there has been much.... experimentation...
(i think that is the politest way to describe it)
working out the process that works best for me...
to achieve the look
and quality of finish that pleases my eye

they are gradually finding their way
I'd love it if you have the time to take a peek
and let me know what you think.