Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Solstice Lunar Eclipse

21st december, 07:00





in the last two, i was fighting a brightening sky & street-lighting...
the moon had dropped behind a building out back, 
so i had to run round the front of the shop where i'm working,
nipping out between customers
(i did come in early to make up for time out moon-dreamin!)

there's some astrological thoughts over at

and this at 
is interesting

My thoughts are connected to unfurling... emergence...
or is that re-emerging... 
but i need to sit with them a while longer before i write them...

Ghostly Galleon

20th december, 07:10

"the moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas"


"oh, sweet, black waves in the moonlight"

words from The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

Reaching Out

18th december, 17:04

fingers reach out to catch her...


fingers reach out to support her...


fingers reach out just to touch her...


fingers reach out to hold her...


fingers reach out to balance her...


17th december, 23:04

a misty sky, slightly obscuring the moon,
but as i watched a circle of cloud formed around her...
the same thing happened the night after
even though the sky was pretty clear apart from
a few strands of wispy clouds


i thought of the light circling outwards
and love... of how ripples spread out...
how thoughts and words circle out from where they start...
the coming solstice... how time circles...
a message here, circling out...

about how we all are a centre-point of light...
the importance of the stone that disappears into a pool
but the ripples keep spreading...
it's the words, the message, the love
that's important... to keep spreading & growing...
whether or not anyone knows we said it or sent it...

Monday, 20 December 2010

First Quarter, December Moon

8th december, 17:33

11th december, 22:35

14th december, 22:53

~a rash of posts, but i want to load photographs in order,
and am impatient to catch up to the present moon~ 


25th november, 22:29

Dancing Through Clouds

24th november, 20:39

i find the effect of moonlight on clouds mesmerising
a constantly changing vista
of magical light and shadows


the clouds add a mystery to the one who shines at night
an intriguing interplay between her & what is going on
in the atmosphere between us


a snatched glance seems more rewarding
in the split second between clouds...
yet the clouds that race across her face are appealing
adding interest and a different kind of loveliness...


yet all the time she continues on her way
not letting them detract from her purpose.
i was going to say indifferently, but is she? (indifferent, i mean)


i'm inclined to think that she is well aware
and even enjoys the game...
allowing the clouds to add to her beauty,
to her mystery...


if only it were so easy to treat the clouds that obscure our vision
with such grace...
to accept that things thrown in our path are there to enhance...
to play with, to dance between...
adding depth to our personality,
to the people we become...

November Full Moon

20th november, 23:34

a hazy moon
in taurus, my birth sign
with rainbow halo's
constantly changing colours


It wasn't exactly full until the 20th
but that was hidden by cloud...

23rd november, 08:42

24th november, 09:19

A handy site for checking the phase
and the astrological sign is 

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Winter Gold

19 november, 17:18

almost full moon,
over a bleak hillside
in a wintery sky

How can a sight like this
not warm the bleakest of days 
or lighten a corner of the heaviest heart?


14 november, 18:06

looking up into icy skies
frozen moonlight falls to earth

silver ingots...
reminders of a hidden treasure
somewhere in the darkness
buried inside a heart

 icy shards of former hurts
long forgotten
presumed dead...
a gentle light reveals them,
gives them a a softer glow.

seen as abstract patterns
edges smoothed by time
let go...

caressed by moonlight
ice melts
water flows
cleansing hurt from hearts...

did you notice in the second picture the moon is upside down...
caught in an iced-up pool?

This week i'm joining in
why not pop over & take a look?

Saturday, 11 December 2010


 2nd november, 08:35

and so she fades
turning gently 
towards dark moon

3rd november, 08:50

and me?
i've been out of sight recently too.
a retreat...
encouraged by internet vagaries.
There's catching up to do!


 27 october, 08:09

thoughts and images swirl in my mind...
i follow their trail and try to bring them into focus
without letting them slip out of my grasp

 27 october, 08:10

sometimes it's possible to observe them,
to hear and see a multitude of layers with surprising clarity...
but at times my mind seems infantile 
in my attempt to grasp what is being shown

 27 october, 08:35

and then something becomes crystal clear 
and other nuances appear...

27 october, 08:36

how intriguing the stratosphere
that permeates our being