Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Help with moon rhythms...

24th october, 18:15

A couple of sites to help recognise & understand those rhythms...

I came across Donna a little while ago,
she looks at the cycles in relation to our creativity
& encourages us to be gentle with ourselves & grow.

whom i have just found.
She has some excellent information about
the rhythms & cycles of the moon.
Take a look at moon astrology in the link at the bottom.

24th october, 18:21

Sunday, 24 October 2010


 30th september, 23:16

Do you take much notice
of the rhythms in your life?
Do you keep a journal
or a mental note at least?

 15th october, 21:49

Do you see recurring patterns
that move within each phase?
Or feel the tidal energies 
that pulse throughout our veins?

  16th october, 19:48

Do you seek to glimpse
that flash of intuition?
And look beyond the clouds
to the brightness that is there?

  17th october, 19:48

Do you know when you're 
most productive?
Or when shadows
might encroach?

 18th october, 18:55

Can you sink into those shadows
to search for hidden truths?
To recognise the blessings
and the healing that they bring?

21st october, 21:29

Can you see the wider pattern
that colours all our life?
Do you radiate your beauty
no matter who may see?

23rd october, 18:44

I embrace the gentle rhythm
that flows throughout my life.
And thank you for the
lessons you give me chance to see.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lady In Red

30th september, 22:41

This was my only view of the harvest moon,
low cloud to the east obscured the moonrise all month.
I waited & waited, then she took me by surprise
& I fluffed the first shot!

30th september, 22:42

Decked in finest evening dress, she made a rapid entrance
and my heart raced.

30th september, 22:47

Although i had my thoughts & shared a silent communion,
it's the words of others that come to mind as i write now...
Annoyingly Chris De Burgh...

I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight...
There's nobody here, it's just you and me...
I'll never for get, the way you look tonight...

30th september, 22:55

But also a favourite poem of mine

sisters of the red moon

we have met before, you and i
somewhen, somewhere.
in time out of time, the space between,
the space where the veil thins and the mist floats across
moonlit oceans.

in the swirling chaos of now,
tendrils of light flicker in the darkness.
reminders of a lost tribe,
of ancient ways where blood was holy
and wisdom shared.

reaching across the chasm of time.
over expanse of space and the shackles of fate
there is hope that in the dreaming
of this and other things, we shall meet again.
somewhen, somewhere.

An interpretation of mine is here. 
This was also the last time I saw the moon at night...
cloud has been the norm 
& somehow the words aren't flowing tonight!