Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Feeling the Eclipse

 13th june, 20:08

i didn't see the full moon this month...
the lunar eclipse that was in progress as she arose
was hidden from view by stormy clouds

i soak up the rain
and breathe it in

 13th june, 21:43

but i could feel her...
swathed in earth's shadow
as sun and earth and moon aligned
perfect alignment

13th june, 22:17

elsewhere she glowed whilst
 escaping the sun's direct stare

a pause

time for reflection

going within
to the shadowy places



a subtle shift 

moving forward

Sunday, 19 June 2011


6th june, 21:50

there has been a gradualness
in the way that things 
have been happening of late for me

 8th june, 21:53

i have been gradually adding items
and though the appeal of the moon
has led to many 'hearts' & inclusion in treasuries
actually selling is a very gradual thing

 9th june, 22:16

but more importantly
 i have been gradually understanding
fresh streams of energy 
 filtering into my being

9th june, 22:23

they are as old as the moon herself...
that i have sensed
... sometimes quite hazily
sometimes more clearly than others


Friday, 10 June 2011

Shrine To The Moon

I love to see moon-inspired art.... when lady luna takes on the role of muse, she shines her light of inspiration deep into our hearts. Barry has been working with some moon-muse-magic, creating this gorgeous 'Shrine to the Moon' ...

~ Barry Smith (c) ~

 His idea was to add a metal leaf & offering bowl to this personal shrine... his thoughts reminded me of this...
            "a falling leaf touches the moon's reflection.... and my own" ~horiuchi

... and i can envision sitting i silent prayer with this shrine, connecting with moon energy... especially at new moon when she is not visible in our skies... i think of the "meet me at the waters edge" practice that ....began with the gulf oil spill of offering healing energy to the waters of earth at new moon.... perhaps filling the offering bowl with a little water... no doubt everyone can visualize their own way of connecting....

If you clicked that link you will have seen that there was some discussion about the type of bowl to compete the piece. Barry created three palm-sized bowls to choose from, and it looks like this is going to be the finished shrine... you can read all about it here...

 ~ Barry Smith (c) ~

I just adore this....

You might also like to look at Barry's earlier assembly filled with lunar inspiration.... 'Moon Gate'.
Yes, the moon as muse is a very powerful force indeed!

Saturday, 4 June 2011


17 april, 21:18

...if i were a silversmith

 14 may, 22:08

 i'd choose a piece of moonstone

18th may, 23:34

and fashion a cradle of branches....