Sunday, 24 April 2011

See Through The Trees...

15th april, 22:13

she can shine light into the dark places
of hearts and emotions
illuminate things often hidden, denied
or buried in the shadows
of shame, hurt or despair
...if you let her

16th april, 21:14

she can highlight those things
that can get in the way...
handy excuses such as
aspects of self, actions of others, circumstances
...if you let her

17th april, 21:00

...and if you let her
she will reveal beauty in those 'imperfections'
and show how those obstacles 
add to the amazing landscape of your Self
 and find the strength and purity
of your own inner light

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Silent Moon

Slowly, silently, now the moon
Walks the night in her silver shoon
Walter De La Mare

6th april, 20:54

Whenever i hear the moon described as 'silent' i always ask the question, "but is she?" Many times i have written the same description & felt the same query come to mind. 'Silent Moon' sounds beautiful in a mysterious way... elusive somehow, as if i'm missing the point... that something is just beyond my grasp... and as i have looked & wondered she has continued to smile at me indulgently. 

There is no doubt that the moon communicates... we feel her pull on our bodies & the tides. Many times i stand bathing in her light, feeling her energy and begin to move to a rhythm that i feel rather than hear... to a music that infuses my body & soul... and as i dance i feel the pulse of the earth beating an accompaniment, two heavenly bodies in harmony... of course she's not silent, it's just that we need to learn to hear, to focus our 'inner' ear. 

8th april, 21:22

One night as i gazed & wondered, i distinctly heard the reply "No, she bloody isn't!" I laughed, thinking of what some people would say. I know i'm not alone in thinking this way... Aristotle said that the Pythagoreans " saw that the ... ratios of musical scales were expressible in numbers [and that] .. all things seemed to be modeled on numbers, and numbers seemed to be the first things in the whole of nature, they supposed the elements of number to be the elements of all things, and the whole heaven to be a musical scale and a number." I wonder how much further back in time this thought goes?

It seemed clear to the Pythagoreans that the distances between the planets would have the same ratios as produced harmonious sounds in a plucked string. To them, the solar system consisted of ten spheres revolving in circles about a central fire, each sphere giving off a sound the way a projectile makes a sound as it swished through the air; the closer spheres gave lower tones while the farther moved faster and gave higher pitched sounds. All combined into a beautiful harmony, the music of the spheres.

11th april, 21:31

Plato (in Republic) says of the cosmos;

". . . Upon each of its circles stood a siren who was carried round with its movements, uttering the concords of a single scale" 
and describes the circles of heaven subdivided according to musical ratios. (in Timaeus)

Kepler, 20 centuries later, wrote in his Harmonic Munde (1619) that he wishes 
"to erect the magnificent edifice of the harmonic system of the musical scale . . . as God, the Creator Himself, has expressed it in harmonizing the heavenly motions." 
and later said, 
"I grant you that no sounds are given forth, but I affirm . . . that the movements of the planets are modulated according to harmonic proportions."

Now nasa has shown that there is noise in space... we may not hear it as conventional sound but there are recordings of electromagnetic waves & such, converted into sound. I've searched... plenty of earth & other planets, but i've not found any of our moon... here are some sounds of the stars  

The sound of jupiter's moon Io

Friday, 1 April 2011

Super Moon

They are all 'super' in my opinion, but this one is closer to earth than usual, so appears larger.

 march 19th, 18:53

The 20th/21st March is also the Spring Equinox
(23:21 GMT on 20th to be exact)
Full moon & equinox aligned... special...


A time of balance, when day & night are equal in length...


a time to think about balance in our own lives
to sit quietly & reflect
looking back at what has gone
& pondering what is to come...


yes, a special time as we move towards the end of the lunar year
the new moon will be in aries, the beginning of the zodiac, on april 3rd


There is a short period when the moon is 'void of course' over 1st/2nd april
 not influenced by other planets
This post at 'moontides' gives a great explanation...

So, my plan is to just take it easy over dark moon
& reflect some more...

Happy moon-dreams x

She Breathes...

... silent whispers to the trees,

18th march, 18:19

...of growth & fullness,


...of purpose & strength,


...from times past & yet to come,


...from the endless circle of continuity...