A while ago I needed a place to escape to... with an onslaught of pmt & some very uncomfortable emotions, I needed somewhere to write, away from the scrutiny of my nearest & dearest. I chose to use the name I have used elsewhere online... taranova... an identity that I am at ease with... she is as much 'me' as my 'real' name, but allowed some anonymity when I felt at odds with myself & my family.

I began to relate my feelings to the cycles of the moon, and soon my secret space that I escaped to, became a place that I couldn't wait to get back to. Sometimes I forgot to sign out & left comments for people I knew that made no sense from a stranger called taranova, but would have been understood coming from 'me'... and as time went on, I found myself wanting to invite people in... I needed a more inclusive space where I could be comfortable to share my moon-related musings, and so, Moondreamin' was born.

just listen to the whispers
that cross the atmosphere
feel the breath of moonlight
 dance across your skin
set aside some time and
 come moondreamin' with me

If you want to find me elsewhere, you are more than welcome to come & visit any of these places;