Wednesday, 11 January 2012

January Moon

The first moon of the year began it's growth just after the Winter Solstice... new Moon was on Christmas Eve... it seems appropriate somehow as we move into 2012.

 29th december, 21:48

I was expecting this moon to feel fresh & exciting... a new year, a new moon cycle, but no... it felt old, not weary old, but i could feel the ancient-ness and a sense of change... almost as if it knew what was to come. Of course the moon is ancient & has experienced many cycles... i felt anticipation tempered by experience... renewal...

 9th january, 07:40

The first full moon of the year was 7:30 on 9th January. It was so beautiful to watch... the moon turning golden, as it lowered to the horizon... the dawn sky equally spectacular directly opposite as the sun was already smiling... teasingly hiding a little longer. There's something special about seeing both the moonset & sunrise together as they dance with the Earth. I felt very aware of them moving in a rhythm they know so well, effortlessly demonstrating the rhythm of life... of death, of birth... of continuity....

 9th january, 07:54

I've just bought 'The 13 Original Clan Mothers' by Jamie Sams. It's based on Kiowa teachings about the various aspects of the feminine principle, related to the moon. For some reason i always think of it as The 13 Grandmothers. I've been thinking of my own grandmother lately (my dad's mum) and her maiden name, McCormick has cropped up again & tummy did a somersault when i saw the name of the previous owner inscribed inside the book.... Karen McCormick! 

I'm looking forward to seeing what the/my grandmothers reveal to me, and my sense of anticipation is very similar to the feeling i felt at new moon... perhaps tempered by my gran's experience. My grandmother was a dragon in this life... and i feared her. I've spoken with her spirit though, & understand why. I also meet her in another incarnation as druid & wise leader, side by side with my grandad, though he was her brother in that time.... so much ancient wisdom there... like this moon...

 9th january, 08:01

from The 13 Original Clan Mothers:

The Mother of Nature
Keeper of Rhythm, Weather, and the Seasons
Guardian of the Languages of the Trees, Stones and Creatures
The maker of Relatives / Keeper of Earth's Needs / Mother of the Planetary Family
How to understand unspoken the Languages of Nature
Kinship with all life forms and how to enter the Sacred Spaces of others with respect
How to honor cycles, rhythms, and changes of the seasons and weather
How to meld with the life force and rhythms in all dimensions,
learning the truths of each

This is the Clan Mother of the First Moon Cycle... and the Relations we talk with are the nature beings... it is about our kinship with all of Nature... all of Life. By opening ourselves to all of the Great Mystery's Creation... to worlds within worlds.... that is how we can learn the truth...

10th january, 18:40

Donna Iona Drozda talks about this being a Cleansing Moon, the first of three 'Mystery' moons. I remember the first time i found her, the realisation that other people felt different characteristics to the moon too! There are many elements in the personality of each moon... depending where we are in our life and what is going on around us different aspects may reveal themselves... but usually there is a common underlying thread.
I came upon Lisa at Rattling The Bones just over a year ago, and through her Wheelkeeper.... both talk about this as the Moon of Welcome/Welcoming... and in this instance it is about welcoming death... Lisa says 

It would great if on this Moon of Welcome we chose to “embrace life” as a continuous ribbon of never ending stories. There are so many different ways to perceive the notion of “welcoming death.” From a Medicine Wheel perspective I’d like to suggest – “to welcome an end to doubt, to disempowerment and to anything and everything that robs us of memory, medicine, and spirit.” Welcoming death may surprise you with a journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.
You see the thread through all our thoughts .... death... cleansing.... honoring cycles & rhythms.... renewal....

How are you 'feeling' this moon?

For regular readers... i've quite a few photographs & some musings to post, covering the last few months of silence. I'll back-date the posts as i do them... just so you know if you see a spate of stuff that seems out of order!