Saturday, 3 March 2012


 10 february, 07:28


judgement, time, motion

....over the tombs of kings and desert sands.


a gable end in a northern village

little changed in a few hundred years

  10 february, 21:38

little changed apart from the surroundings.


an ancient eye watched


as pyramids rose and dynasties fell

and science became the worshiped one.

how pretty the lights of transport & steel,

of commerce & chemicals & industrial greed.

a peregrine falcon nested in one of those towers last year

and raised her offspring unperturbed.

  13 february, 07:07

and the ancient eye squints

the better to see what passes below.

or maybe...

to shift dimensions

and gaze at other worlds

or pasts and futures

yet to be dreamed

  13 february, 07:08


hazy glimpses

 half remembered thoughts

... or lives?

  13 february, 07:09

shadowy visions

multiple layers

images transposed

  15 february, 07:19

light dances

in these dreamscape worlds

weaving patterns

from lives and lofty ideals

twisting threads of souls, of hopes and fears

  15 february, 07:25

and the eye watches

through lids half closed
 waiting for changes 
that time will unfold
 cultures, civilisations

ways of being

waxing and waning

that's how it's always been