Friday, 23 July 2010

Moonlight Affective Disorder?

 21st july 21:39

The effects of low sunlight levels in winter (SAD)
 are widely accepted
but what about lack of moonlight... MAD? 
Perhaps that term is best kept for full moon when many
 break through the barriers of control,
or perhaps dark moon when some withdraw too far,
or perhaps it suits those of us who miss her
in our unpredictable skies.

It may be reflected sunlight
but she diffuses it...
infuses it with her grace.

So many of our race has a form of 
Moonlight Affective Disorder 
 no longer honouring the rhythms
 that beat through the Universe.

But some of us just know...
we don't have to see her
we know...


Carolynn said...

Interesting perspective. I've never thought of it like this. I do have a mild case of SAD. Heavy, gray skies will do that to you.

There's a full moon tonite!


taranova said...

yep, i'm hopin for clear skies but not lookin too promising!

merci33 said...

Oh I love your Luna-See:

SAD to MAD...brilliant.

it's so very lovely to see the way that you respond to the tidal rhythms.

taranova said...

Thanks Donna... it was great to find you, your insights & knowledge about the rhythms are amazing!