Saturday, 21 August 2010


 20 august, 21:47

Things are picking up pace...
there is momentum both within & without
(which is all the same really, we're a part of everything & everything of us)
But something is happening...


Already I feel that my focus is changing
but i trust...
in myself and the universe
to carry us in the orbit into which we are flung


and await the clarity that always ensues...
 after the last & before the next
  blast of cosmic dust
that swirls in my brain


Anonymous said...

hi a very nice space you have here :) loving the large pics.. that first one makes me feel like i'm floating around in that dark space viewing her, and the second one is amazing..very dreamy.

I'm feeling that too of late.. that things are picking up pace, something is most definately shifting... although i keep getting a little lost and forgetiing to trust... it'll come.

I've been feeling really strange as this full moon approaches.. like deamons are surfacing as she blooms, and have had three nights leading up to this fullness.. where sleep just wont come.. leaving me gazing..

taranova said...

Mmm... tis easy for all of us to get a little lost at times & the trust does come. that was all that got me through in those dark times i told you about... just knowing i had to trust (stil felt crap tho, lol) Just thought... have you seen the link to donna iona drozda on tara sidebar? This moon is all about trust... the energies are pretty full on at the moment aren't they!

Anonymous said...

they are very full on! altho am feeling such a release (this month especially) after her all my tensing deamons have just burst out of me, and i'm now ready to embrace the new cycle lol.

:-O (that smiley always makes me smile:) have seen the link to donna iona drozda now.. thanks much.. have been for a visit (hence the open mouth) great blog.. i found myself wishing i'd had this as a guide throughout the year, but it's quite refreshing to see so many coincidenses..kinda reinforces that 'Trust' :)