Sunday, 24 October 2010


 30th september, 23:16

Do you take much notice
of the rhythms in your life?
Do you keep a journal
or a mental note at least?

 15th october, 21:49

Do you see recurring patterns
that move within each phase?
Or feel the tidal energies 
that pulse throughout our veins?

  16th october, 19:48

Do you seek to glimpse
that flash of intuition?
And look beyond the clouds
to the brightness that is there?

  17th october, 19:48

Do you know when you're 
most productive?
Or when shadows
might encroach?

 18th october, 18:55

Can you sink into those shadows
to search for hidden truths?
To recognise the blessings
and the healing that they bring?

21st october, 21:29

Can you see the wider pattern
that colours all our life?
Do you radiate your beauty
no matter who may see?

23rd october, 18:44

I embrace the gentle rhythm
that flows throughout my life.
And thank you for the
lessons you give me chance to see.


Rose said...

No, I have trouble being objective about myself and holding the long view.....

Paula said...

Dramatic pictures, wundervoll moon (nature never ceases to amaze me)!
Love your words, you are such a spiritual soul! It was exactly what I needed to see and read today. Thanks fro this great share!

mel said...

oh..this was perfect.

and a perfect reminder to be aware of those rhythms. i DO feel them and know them for what they are -- for the gifts that they bring....but I don't always remember to pay attention to them....especially when they're telling me to it's time to *rest*.

taranova said...

It was a bit of a reminder to myself too... from starting to notice & be aware of how the moon's rhythms affect me it took a long while to look deeper... but awareness helped. The recurring anxieties are something i have to look at to see what is hidden within myself that needs attention... attitudes, fears, conditioning etc... slowly, slowly i've realised things... and they come up again from time to time to check how i'm doing or to heal another layer... tis very easy to 'forget' !

Good to 'see' you paula x
Slowly, gently rose.... keep watching her & let her in...

LauraX said...

This is truly an exquisite work of art...each photo, each bit of prose, all flowing with gentle rhythm.
Beautiful Tara. Thank you for your loving message this morning too.