Friday, 25 March 2011

Just Watching Her Grow

7th march, 16:52

9th march, 21:47

14th march, 21:35

17th march, 19:41

18th march, 18:40


Anonymous said...

thought i'd commented on here earlier.. bloggers wee gremlin must have ate it! lol.

:) beautiful images! :)
i've been sitting watching her in reverse since the full moon..changing..moving into the wee sleep patterns have been affected for a longer period of time this month..intense energy!

she's reminding me to let go of all the dramas..and to en'joy'...

lovely moonshine.. xx

Rose said...

Your photos are so clear! You can see so much.... Love them! *hug*

taranova said...

now i've been so tired since full moon this month ari.. think the energy has zapped me! Really wanted to catch the full sequence but bed has beckoned.

It's always a surprise when they turn out that clear rose... i love it though when you can see the lumps & bumps