Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rumi and the Moon

07 february, 18:12

At night, i open the window 
and ask the moon to come and press it's face against mine.

breathe into me

Close the language door and open the love window
The moon won't open the door, only the window


07 february, 18:15 

 Who could be so lucky?
Who comes to a lake for water and sees 
the reflection of the moon.


07 february, 18:19

 There is a path from me to you
that I am constantly looking for

so I try to keep clear and still
as water does with the moon


07 february, 18:19

Let the water settle; 
you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your being



Rose said...

Absolutely beautiful.... One day I must get some Rumi and have a good read....

Barry said...

Hi S- breathtaking images from the last three posts. You do magic with the moon. Glad I was able to meet you in this space. Go well. B

taranova said...

Totally forgot to say that these are reflections on ice!

I've actually just collected quotes i've seen here & there rose, but would definitely like to read some more, properly!

Thanks b, lovely to see you. I know i'm a bit hit n miss at the moment x

Anonymous said...

love Rumi.. and your reflections.