Monday, 28 May 2012

Personalised Moon Photo Blocks

For a long time, i resisted using moondreamin' as a commercial name.... but the more i added photographs to my etsy shop, the more i saw that it would make sense to put all the 'moon stuff' under one roof, so to speak. I created the shop, and still held off adding items for a good while, but eventually i could resist no more... i wonder why i resisted....maybe it was just case of the time being right, for it really does make sense for everything moon related to be in one place, with a name that reflects what is there.

 custom christening gift

These little box-frames have proved to be popular... they are super cute! Only 3 1/4 inches square & 1 1/4 inches deep, but i'm always really pleased with them. It might sound silly, but i find myself holding my breath at times, as i wait to see how each stage of production turns out.

 birthdate gift, with a photograph of the moon taken on the actual day!

 Sometimes i have a photograph for the exact date, and my collection of dates covered is growing.  It feels like i should have most days by now, but it's only when someone asks that i realize how big the gaps are sometimes!

 personalized anniversary gift with moon on the exact date too

I'm a bit precious about them as i sand & varnish... and have found that i enjoy wrapping them up as much as making them or taking the photographs!

 every box goes out gift wrapped in black tissue & a strip of 
sanwaa tissue that has real gold & silver leaf flakes in it.

It was reassuring when my first customer came back and ordered another two... it shows that at least one person wasn't disappointed when they opened their parcel! Everyone so far has given great feedback.. again, very reassuring. However much i may like what i create, it doesn't mean a thing unless the people who buy them appreciate them... they have all been for pretty special gifts, so i feel a responsibility to deliver!

 hand-fasting present, personalised with names & date
I was thrilled to receive an order for 4 for the same person last week.... i don't know if they were for gifts or for themselves... and i have had an enquiry about making larger boxes with lids for tarot cards, so that is my next project on this front.

i like to stand them on a shelf... a little sacred space...
but they are easy to hang on the wall too
I feel quite honoured to be able to stand with moon whenever she is visible... to spend some time... to take the photographs... and to be able to turn them into something that creates pleasure for other people too. Some people are aware of the energy already, but some aren't... I like the idea of sending a little bit of moon-magic into people's homes, hopefully to awaken some feeling that leads them to explore & discover more.... i wouldn't be at all surprised, if it was the moon herself who whispered in my ear while i was sleeping, giving me the idea in the first place!

You can find these mini moondreams at 


Rose said...

These are so lovely! I love the idea of having a little stack of them, or maybe even a cube with different days moons on each side... Your photos are simply beautiful, I love it whenever you post here....

taranova said...

i'm trying hard to get into some sort of routine... maybe i should get a diary & schedule time? problem is i'd have to remember to look at it lol!

Magic Love Crow said...

These are all so pretty! I love the pictures on the box frames and being able to stack them! I can't wait to see the box for the tarot cards! Have a great day ;o)

Anonymous said...

i love these.. so beautifuly wrapped too. wonderful gifts. i have a wedding and a birth coming up this year.. these would be perfect :)

Laura said...

I LOVE these... what a great idea.... something for me to play with one day with my photos! love to you my friend from across the sea... beneath the same glorious moon.

Please, please, PLEASE send me something for the gratitude quilt this year... I'm trying to complete the collection of word scraps by nov 18.