Friday, 1 April 2011

Super Moon

They are all 'super' in my opinion, but this one is closer to earth than usual, so appears larger.

 march 19th, 18:53

The 20th/21st March is also the Spring Equinox
(23:21 GMT on 20th to be exact)
Full moon & equinox aligned... special...


A time of balance, when day & night are equal in length...


a time to think about balance in our own lives
to sit quietly & reflect
looking back at what has gone
& pondering what is to come...


yes, a special time as we move towards the end of the lunar year
the new moon will be in aries, the beginning of the zodiac, on april 3rd


There is a short period when the moon is 'void of course' over 1st/2nd april
 not influenced by other planets
This post at 'moontides' gives a great explanation...

So, my plan is to just take it easy over dark moon
& reflect some more...

Happy moon-dreams x


Rose said...

Beautiful photos and thoughts as always *hugs* and thank you again

taranova said...

hugs back to you x

Sam Brightwell said...

tara, these are the most beautiful pictures I have seen on your blog yet. wow. I didn't get to see much of the super full moon, and I've really been feeling that I missed out on something special, but not now that I've seen these pictures here, so thank you. I also really appreciate your useful bits of moon course data etc as I'm a bit out of touch these days. v/c moon today: sounds like I need to take it easy. I will be doing so now!

taranova said...

I'm learning with the photography all the time sam! I always intend to include bits of info, but more often than not i remember after the event, lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm in awe!

Miriam said...

absolutely stunningly beautiful photo's x saw you on SWF

sue said...

dreamy! so breath..taking :) xx