Sunday, 24 April 2011

See Through The Trees...

15th april, 22:13

she can shine light into the dark places
of hearts and emotions
illuminate things often hidden, denied
or buried in the shadows
of shame, hurt or despair
...if you let her

16th april, 21:14

she can highlight those things
that can get in the way...
handy excuses such as
aspects of self, actions of others, circumstances
...if you let her

17th april, 21:00

...and if you let her
she will reveal beauty in those 'imperfections'
and show how those obstacles 
add to the amazing landscape of your Self
 and find the strength and purity
of your own inner light



your images and words are truly beautiful - always love my moonwalks here! have a glorious day and moonlit night! ;)

taranova said...

likewise gypsy... your world is a pleasure to wander too.. thank you x

Ed Pilolla said...

revealing beauty in those 'imperfections' is a painful process, at least for me. she has turned my head and made me look at what i am, the side i don't like to look at, but only this way, it seems, could i have found my own strength, as you rightly say.

taranova said...

aye... seeing what we are allowing that side of us to do can be crushing sometimes, but we can make it work for instead of against...
you are a beautiful soul ed x