Sunday, 19 June 2011


6th june, 21:50

there has been a gradualness
in the way that things 
have been happening of late for me

 8th june, 21:53

i have been gradually adding items
and though the appeal of the moon
has led to many 'hearts' & inclusion in treasuries
actually selling is a very gradual thing

 9th june, 22:16

but more importantly
 i have been gradually understanding
fresh streams of energy 
 filtering into my being

9th june, 22:23

they are as old as the moon herself...
that i have sensed
... sometimes quite hazily
sometimes more clearly than others



Rose said...

So you feel it too! Do you get this regularly? Around certain moon times? I have only ever felt this around the time of an eclipse. This last one wiped me out.... It was definately a time for being gentle with oneself and doing things gradually.

Tammie said...

sometimes gradual is a lovely pace.

taranova said...

mmm, it often is tammie x

oh yes rose.... regular downloads that can be tiring... but recognising them helps, knowing that you're assimilating something even if don't know what it is. Later, when things settle can start to delve a bit further... think there has been 'big stuff' for many of us between the last eclipse at winter solstice & this one so close to summer solstice.