Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Feeling the Eclipse

 13th june, 20:08

i didn't see the full moon this month...
the lunar eclipse that was in progress as she arose
was hidden from view by stormy clouds

i soak up the rain
and breathe it in

 13th june, 21:43

but i could feel her...
swathed in earth's shadow
as sun and earth and moon aligned
perfect alignment

13th june, 22:17

elsewhere she glowed whilst
 escaping the sun's direct stare

a pause

time for reflection

going within
to the shadowy places



a subtle shift 

moving forward


Madame Bloodstone said...

Ah, what a lovely post Suzi! xx

taranova said...

thank you, madame! xx

LauraX said...

so exquisite...sending you love and even more light as we embrace summer!

Anonymous said...

ah, soothed by your moondreamin'.

absolutely love that first shot.. this is from a dream :)

Barry said...

S - always good to pause with your reflections and images.of the moon. I managed to take some photos of the eclipse and the solstice moon that I hope to post in next day or two - clear cold mornings and soft light. Go well. B

taranova said...

Glad you've had some clear skies barry i look forward to seeing them... and you too, go well x

oh those dreams ari... i hope they're sweet ones x

thanks laura... sooo much love to you too x

Rose said...

Beautiful! *hugs* How does that energy feel to you?

taranova said...

I was full of energy & very productive for a good few days rose... prior to the eclipse, & again now, i'm very active in my mind but not motivated to actually do much... i seem to be tripping away in my head more than ever at the mo!!