Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Little Photo Blocks

i have been playing...

 ... mounting photographs onto wooden box-frames,
coating them with satin varnish,
and deciding which arrangement shows them off best...
and then, much debate with myself about price 
and how best to describe them

there has been much.... experimentation...
(i think that is the politest way to describe it)
working out the process that works best for me...
to achieve the look
and quality of finish that pleases my eye

they are gradually finding their way
I'd love it if you have the time to take a peek
and let me know what you think.


Rose said...

I think they look absolutely lovely. The idea of the moon nestling amongst my books is delicious..... *hug*

Madame Bloodstone said...

These are really cool Suzi, nice work! xx

Anonymous said...

wow suz..these are gorgeous. i like the fullness of them:) and on


taranova said...

glad you like girls! they do sit nicely amongst my bits & pieces :)