Monday, 25 July 2011


 6th july 2011, 22:08

sometimes, no matter how i try
i cannot get the moon in sharp focus.
or at least it seems that way...
until i realise there are so many layers of cloud
so delicate that they are almost unseen
creating a slightly different picture
from what i think should be there

6th july 2011, 22:09

sometimes i have to realise
that this is the best that i can do, for now.
that there are other things going on
that i can barely perceive.
that it isn't always possible to be at my sharpest
and sometimes being a little out of focus
is actually the only way to be
for a while....

 8th july 2011, 21:59

because as surely as the moon 
waxes and wanes to her own natural rhythm
i snap back into focus

 8th july 2011, 22:02

and then it matters not
what winds are blowing around me
i can hold my own
and appreciate the patterns
that are weaving in my world

 8th july 2011, 22:04


Rose said...

Ah this is so beautiful and so true. Thank you for sharing this moon wisdom.

Sam Brightwell said...

Oh wow! This last image is so beautiful - they are all beautiful, but this last one really really does it for me. I'm awed by her, and you. Because now I know just how very difficult it is to shoot the moon.
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. xx

Madame Bloodstone said...

How strange, that in-and-out of focus thing is just how I'm feeling right now! I alway learn a different insight or way of looking at things from your posts, thank you Suzi! x

taranova said...

*waves to everyone*
i think there are quite a few of us going through the same sort of thing... bound to be some astrological/cosmological explanation... at least thats my excuse!