Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Perigree Moon

The once a year cosmic event of the perigree moon occurred on 5th may...
that is, the moon was at it's closest point to earth.
The difference in size due to the closer proximity, is more apparent when the moon is close to the horizon as it rises & sets, and is much more obvious when it occurs at full moon...  as it did.
And, being full, & being closer, the pull on tides & on emotions can be stronger...

5th may, 21:29

Low cloud meant I had to wait a while to see.... until the moon lifted a little higher. Not having anything on the horizon meant nothing to compare size... but size, as they say, isn't everything... and in this case, size seems to be an illusion. With nothing to compare, who would know that she was closer or appeared larger? Still as beautiful, lighting the cloud around around her. 

5th may, 21:36
behind a cherry tree... blossom dropped, & tiny fruit beginning to form

Perhaps, if we did not compare ourselves to others there would be less in the way of low self esteem... & conceit. Opposite sides of the coin, but both destructive forces... both a result of perception manipulated by the ego. It's not so much the comparing, but the judgement of self we make & perception.... perception can be just as dangerous as comparison if you allow it to be.... and the ego... without it, we wouldn't know who we were... but it can lead us down destructive paths... and good...

5th may, 21:40
 behind the briar rose

See how easy it is to go in circles and tangle ourselves up? Lets just stop & think. The moon circles the earth... the earth circles the sun... as do the other planets... and as their moons spin around them... so many circles, none the same... some more elliptical than others, some larger, faster etc etc... but somehow they all manage to overlap without becoming tangled. 

Maybe, as we walk our path, we could concentrate on our own journey... accepting that we sometimes move closer to, or away from our centre... we just do. Of course we can be aware of others in their orbits around us or nearby... sometimes we move closer or away from them.... sometimes the gravitational pull of someone may affect us more or less & sometimes we pull on them. It happens. That's life. We circle. We overlap. 

4th may, 22:01

But over awareness of others combined with lack of awareness of self... that is when we tie ourselves in knots... forgetting that we are unique, that how we are is our path, for us to sort out in our own way... forgetting that we have our own special orbit. But, sure enough, just as we move to our furthest point away from our centre, when things may seem to fall apart.... we begin our journey back around to closeness... to becoming our own supermoon. The way to stop those wobbles is to be aware of the connection to our centre, to our true self... a gravity, like an umbilical cord that keeps our personal moons, our emotions moving around our earth, our Selves in a steady orbit in harmony with the rest of the universe....


Magic Love Crow said...

This is a fantastic post! I love the pictures and everything you said! So much to think about!

Rose said...

ah my lovely! Such beautiful and wise words as always! Love your photos too! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

beautiful.. just reading this brings that focus immediately to center.