Monday, 20 December 2010

Dancing Through Clouds

24th november, 20:39

i find the effect of moonlight on clouds mesmerising
a constantly changing vista
of magical light and shadows


the clouds add a mystery to the one who shines at night
an intriguing interplay between her & what is going on
in the atmosphere between us


a snatched glance seems more rewarding
in the split second between clouds...
yet the clouds that race across her face are appealing
adding interest and a different kind of loveliness...


yet all the time she continues on her way
not letting them detract from her purpose.
i was going to say indifferently, but is she? (indifferent, i mean)


i'm inclined to think that she is well aware
and even enjoys the game...
allowing the clouds to add to her beauty,
to her mystery...


if only it were so easy to treat the clouds that obscure our vision
with such grace...
to accept that things thrown in our path are there to enhance...
to play with, to dance between...
adding depth to our personality,
to the people we become...

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